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Mixed Media and Collage
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Lionfish by Roger Bacharach

"Lionfish" SOLD
(tissue paper collage)

Prints available
The Turtles by Roger Bacharach

"The Turtles" SOLD
(tissue paper collage)

Prints available
Japanese Sea Nettle by Roger Bacharach

"Japanese Sea Nettle" SOLD
(colored tissue paper)

Prints available


Caribbean Lobster by Roger Bacharach

"Caribbean Lobster" SOLD
(tissue paper collage)

Prints available


Red Chair Green Floor by Roger Bacharach

"Long Spine
Squirrel Fish" SOLD
(tissue paper collage)

Prints available


Demuth Tobacco Shop by Roger Bacharach

"Sea Horse"
(tissue paper collage)

Prints available


Sea Life Suite 1

"Sea Life Suite II"
(Boxed Set of Six Giclee Prints)


Angelfish on Black by Roger Bacharach

"Angelfish on Black SOLD"
(monotype and Prismacolor pencil)


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